A January Do-Over

I am terrible at New Year’s Resolutions. I know this and that’s why I don’t make them normally. I believe my resolution this year was to find ways to be less stressed and you don’t want to know how that’s currently turning out. Maybe next year, right?

Yet, it’s only the end of January and there’s eleven whole months to improve in. It’s a bit unfortunate that I’ve really made it easy to improve with the way this month has gone, I’m not going to argue that point.


Of course, if you’re the person that’s come through January with the resolutions going strong, I salute you! Is it’s okay to sit you down with a drink and interrogate you gently for a moment? Was it something you had to work up to? How have you been managing your expectations of what it would be like with how it is? How do you know it’s the right resolution?


I ask the last one because I have had a horrible realisation that I’ve made the wrong knitting resolutions this year. Most years when making knitting resolutions, I think something along the lines of a few socks, a couple of shawls and maybe a jumper or two. It’s hardly a challenge partially because I haven’t thought too much about what would be satisfying to achieve.


This year was going to be different; I had three sets of challenges for myself*. The first was a meterage based one: I want to knit a 10k at least. The second is run by Ravelry and is a number of projects completed in 2018: I picked 18. Now, I don’t (yet, I hope) know you well enough to know whether you look at those goals and think that they could be done in an afternoon or are staring at me like I’m a mad woman. For me, they seem achievable as I knit about that much last year. If they were a run, I could probably make it to the end only mildly panting**.


I’m still happy with those two goals. It’s the third one we need to discuss. It’s the Make Nine challenge. Started by Rochelle at Lucky Lucille, it’s a gentle challenge to look forward to the year ahead and think of nine things you’d like to make. It’s a variant on the Best Nine that people do at the end of the year on Instagram. The moment I saw it, I wanted to do it. I looked through my queue and picked nine things I was thinking of making.

Make Nine: First Attempt

I don’t think I got it quite right. The basic shape of what I want to do is there but January has changed my direction slightly. It’s kind of expected that this will happen at some point. I’d let it go but it’s only the end of January and I think I have it this time. So I’m pulling the “January Do-Over Card”***.


I want a challenge that stretches me. Something that at the end of the year, I’ll look back on and be proud of achieving. At the end of January, I have a better idea of what that is than in December of last year. I’m so happy about that. I’m setting myself up for success by adapting my goals to what I want to achieve.  This better represents what I want to achieve. I’ll be sharing it and all the things on it soon.


Now to work on the stress issue!


* At this point, you might remember that my general resolution was to be less stressed and setting myself three challenges for my hobby might be contrary to that goal. Yes, well, never let it be said that I set myself up for success. I’m still having fun with it in January at least!


** Please don’t actually make me run. That’s a goal for 2020 at the earliest.


*** Patent pending. Sadly, the time turners are still in the development stage but I can print you off a card that gives you permission for a do-over?

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