Spring is here, and it brought snow

Dear me, I blinked and now it’s April. Apparently, this is what April looks like now:


The weather outside isn’t quite that mad at the moment, but this is the first time in awhile where I can sit down and think about my knitting. The coursework is all handed in, my dissertation has been wiped from my mind, and I am free to knit!

Oops, I finished my last active work in progress. It’s lovely to be able to block it, and I shall have to write all about it soon, but I have nothing to knit this moment. It is a disaster. “Why don’t you cast something on?”, I hear you say. Well.

I don’t know what to knit.

There is so many good ideas out there. I could knit a baby cardigan, or a cowl or a tea cosy. I have the yarn picked out for my next jumper, and all I need to do is wind it up. I want to knit a summer top but it’s raining outside.

It is very surprising to me that the weather is affecting me so much. I am in Scotland, I should be used to it by now. By March, we have all forgotten that the sun can even feel warm on your face. I should be happy for the extra days to pull on my knitted gloves and hat and be happily casting on more.

Instead, I shall go cast on Bonny by tincanknits, in the hope that it encourages spring, let alone summer.

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