Stash Dash & the Beginning of Summer

Hello? It has been a little while! How have you been? I have been finishing off the last of university. I speak to you now as someone who is no longer a student. I can not quite use the a-word just yet (**adult**, the word makes me shiver). I have one last long summer until I start work which I plan to travel and knit and generally have a great time. (The amazingness almost makes up for the existential terror.)

Before I tell you all about those plans, I want to tell you about a post I almost put up around two weeks ago. It was a reaction to some of the justifications for the cost of patterns increasing. I was tired and stressed by exams, so I did not post it in the end. However, I would love to hear opinions on the matter. What constitutes a fair price for a pattern for you?


Back to the knitting, I have more than one project that I am working on at once. It is surprising to me as I actually like all three of them.

All three WIPs this morning with my tea and a doughnut 

They are Bonny by tincanknits, Baratheon Square from TwoHeartsCrochet Game of Thrones Graphagan CAL, and a “cover” of the Knitted Japanese Tote Bag by Katie Kissel.


(As I write, there is a whole box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts next to me. We woke up early-ish yesterday to get the tram to the Krispy Kreme store. Best way to celebrate finishing exams I have found!)


Why doI have three projects on the go? Stash Dash. (And exams.)


My lovely green rectangle came about because I was close to finishing Bonny. Below is proof I have not for reasons that shall quickly become apparent.


Look at the mess that is the unblocked lace.


I figured if I was going to a cast something on it should be as simple as my exam brain could handle. (During this time, I managed to text my friend asking if we could catch up later and then completely forgot I had done so.) I was a little bit of a mess if the topic of conversation was not Hensel’s Lemma.


Katie’s pattern was perfect but called for bulky yarn. (I need to get over my fear of bulky weight, but that is a challenge for another day.) I have taken to calling these patterns that  take a core idea from from a pattern a “cover” of the pattern like I am Taylor Swift singing an older song. An interpretation of their work, done in my style.


I did not want to finish Bonny, nor the Baratheon Square (er, rectangle) because of Stash Dash. It’s an event run by the KnitGirllls every year where you compete against yourself to see how many meters of stash you can use up over the summer holiday. WIPs, or anything which still requires some knitting/crocheting counts towards your total. Hoarding nearly finished projects is totally allowed and almost a tradition at this point!


It is a fantastic event. It is a relaxed one because you are only competing against yourself but it encourages you to bring out old WIPs and think about how much knitting you actually achieve. It is quite an incredible distance when you think about it. I also like it because it keeps how much yarn I knit in perspective. I do not really want to buy yarn I will never get around to knitting.


My Stash Dash Plan


I have got the plan for what I wish to accomplish all written out. It begins on May 25th and ends on August 27th, though I start work on August 20th so we shall have to see where I get to at that point. I have not yet decided my target but I have around 4k of knitting planned. Last year I was able to manage the extra kilometre of knitting to make it 5k but we shall have to see.


I shall be posting my progress on here on Tuesdays (hopefully) which I am sure will be riveting. I long to have a good ramble about each project individually. It is how every post wants to be written but then I have too much to say about other things. Hold on to your hats, because I think I am going to be rambling a lot!


Are you taking part in Stash Dash? Does it tickle your fancy? Or are you less interested in the statistics of your knitting than the mathematically obsessed person writing this nonsense? Do you buy yarn just to have it? (I’ll not judge, I think I am in denial about wanting that.)

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