On Tuesdays, we Stash Dash

It’s time for a dash of a Stash Dash update! I am heading off to the sun though according to the forecast it is going to rain actually but that is also fine by me. I shall have my knitting, a few good books and a chance to wander a new city.

However, Stash Dash! This past week I have finished three things. All of which I have shown you before. But they are done according to the Stash Dash rules even if I only have photographs of two of them.


They are my lovely bag which has been a rousing success. I was slightly disappointed when I finished it as I had so loved knitting it. I did not want to be done but also I was not sure how useful it was going to be and I wanted a justification for knitting ten more.

I shouldn’t have worried. I tied the two handles together with a granny knot and took it out to do the shopping and was surprised by how much it holds. It is knit on the bias so it stretches. The handles that seem to short to be useful become a perfect length when there is stuff weighing the bag down.


I also finished another ‘square’ for my Game of Thrones blanket. It may not be the neatest knitting I have ever completed and there are some uneven patches where I used stranded techniques while knitting. I confess, I don’t mind it. The blanket as a whole will be lovely and I am learning from my mistakes.

That means I have three done out of the nine I have planned. There is a chance it may be complete by the release of the last season this time next year. Whoop! I was going to bring along yarn to knit another two while on holiday when I was planning to bring roughly 4000m along with me. It is probably wise I thought better of it, as managing the 10 bobbins for the intarsia might have been a little tricky on the plane.

Lastly, I finished Bonny by tincanknits though I do not have a photo of it as it still needs to be blocked. Hopefully, I shall get a nice photo of it while I am in somewhere that’s meant to be warm.

This all means that I have finished 1500m for Stash Dash! Yay! And since those were my only WIPs, I have had to go ahead and cast on a few more. It has been a good week.

I hope your next week is wonderful too!



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