Snow and Squares

It’s quite late here and another week is about to start in the morning. It doesn’t feel like a week since last Sunday though I couldn’t even tell you if it felt longer or shorter. There’s been snow, and rain and a truly incredible amount of wind. All things considered, a good week to be thinking about blankets.

The blanket squares in question: Vivid by tincanknits

I started the Vivid blanket by tincanknits with yarn bought on my trip to Orkney. I had wandered into to the lovely yarn store, ‘a yarn‘, and had picked up three balls of Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift. I absolutely knew as I bought it that I was going to need more, but I left with three balls of yarn and an idea to test.

Uhh, I fell off the not buying yarn bandwagon hard. Those three balls were the first yarn I had bought myself in 6 or so months. Within two weeks, I had bough 14 more.

The new stash

They’re only 25g balls, I keep repeating to myself. It’s not like I’ve committed to knitting 4 new jumpers (my Christmas presents did that instead), and it’s only a blanket. A blanket I’m already 20% complete already.

There’s a reason I’m having so much fun with the squares. There’s a rhythm to the knitting. By the third square, even I had the pattern memorised. I decided back in the yarn store in Orkney that I was going to do solid colour blocks instead of doing the garter stitch in a contrast colour. It makes it even easier to complete. And that’s perfect because work keeps sending me away from home.

Snow in the Western Isles

It was the Western Isles this time and we got snow. Burr! It may be nothing for people used to snow in the winters, but it’s not too usual for where I was. It worked out just fine. The hotel even had a fire so I got to sit and knit by the fire as it snowed outside.

I ran out of time to go shopping aside from some loose leaf tea from a local shop with an incredible selection. I shall have to wait to buy some Uist wool. But here’s hoping work sends me to Shetland soon enough!

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