Someone has put life on fast forward. That’s the only explanation. We’re in March, and it’s a March that feels like Spring. Sure, I’m still on the sofa with a blanket on this Saturday morning, but that’s about comfort. What better way to knit than cuddled up, entertained by Sunday television and sipping tea?

This morning, I have gotten a little distracted from my knitting. A purple square for my Vivid blanket sits beside me in mid-row. I first popped it down when I realised that I really needed to start blocking the other squares. There’s quite a stack of finished squares now and I only have enough pins to block one square at a time. It’s going to be a slow process. It’s still a worthwhile process: look at the difference it makes!

Excuse the yarn tail, I am so very sorry. I really wanted to stretch the blocks out to show off the lace and open the eyelets up. Look how much it has grown! Blocking it as harshly as I have done does make the edges wavy and using blocking wires might give a better effect. However, after the blanket squares are joined together, it’s not going to be noticeable. Lazy Saturday blocking: done.

But that got me thinking, how am I doing for yarn?

Last year, for a number of reasons, I wanted to knit from stash. I wanted to make use of what I had. I got curious and did some calculations to see how well I had done. 68% of my total meterage for 2018 was from stash. That has made a good size hole in the amount of yarn I have.

I’m still sitting on about two years worth of yarn in my stash. I don’t know what will take my fancy to knit this year, but if I want to shop in my stash I have options. I also know what I might need more of. Stripy sock yarn? Yes. Lace weight? Probably not.

But even working out what I might want to knit this year feels too uncertain at the moment. The next month has the potential for a huge change in our lives for those of us who live in the UK. And personally, that’s just another element of the way in which life feels so changeable right now. So I’m going to put the maths away, remind myself that while we have sheep there will be wool and pick up my knitting once again.

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