And now, the quarter’s ended

Last Sunday, I was up before 6am. Two buses and several hours later, I was in Dunbar. For a work trip where the description starts with ‘Sunday’ and ‘6am’, it was remarkably lovely. The actual work part was done at the start and end of my day, leaving me with several hours to wander the coast and find a sunny spot to knit.

Don’t let the weather in that photo fool you, it was still freezing when the wind blew. And it’s Scotland, so the wind was always blowing. It was also a work trip, so there was no escape from work. But I couldn’t have asked for a more dramatic change of scenery.

Standing there, you can almost imagine what it would have been like when Dunbar Castle still stood. Or when the bay was used as a huge outdoor swimming pool.

I want to go back in the summer (or the 5 minutes of actual summer Scotland sometimes gets) and go for a swim in the sea. Or more likely, miss the warm weather and get a day pass for the amazing indoor pool that’s two minutes away from where that photo was taken. (There’s a waterslide!)

Dunbar’s Coastal Path

This trip, I found a bench, put on an audiobook (‘The Final Empire’ by Brandon Sanderson) and pulled out yet another square of my vivid blanket. A bright orange square, to be specific.

As I sat on my bench, I fell a little in love with that house in the photo above. The porch with the white columns reminded me of my summer holidays spent with my US family. The orange bricks with the red trim contrasts the pale green of the roof tiles. The vivid green lawn transitioning into the straw coloured top of the wild grass. The bright blue of the sea. It’s everything that I’m trying to convey in the colours of my Vivid Blanket.

Ages back, I attended a class at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival called the Colours of Edinburgh which was taught by the lovely Felicity Ford. She encouraged us to use photos of Edinburgh and Jamieson’s and Smith yarn to inspire our colourwork. I guess three years later (time flies!) I’m finally putting that to work. I mean, I’m using the other Shetland yarn and 30 miles off in location, but close enough? Maybe?

The whole excursion has reminded me of how good it feels to break out of the routine. Don’t get me wrong, my usual Sunday of sitting on the sofa, watching silly tv, and resting isn’t going away. It’s something that makes me feel better. It’s what I like to do especially in winter.

This trip was a reminder that summer is coming. A reminder that while the sky outside is grey and back to normal for here, it’s now April. Soon it will be time for knitting outside instead of inside.

And other changes too, I guess.

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