Second Jumper Syndrome

Today is the first proper Sunday I’ve had in a while. I’ve got a cup of tea, a croissant with homemade jam, and my desk is clear of practice exam papers. For the first time since January, I’ve picked up my jumper knitting. And then immediately opened six tabs to look at what yarn I want to buy for the jumper after this one.

I call this phenomena the ‘Second Jumper Syndrome’. It’s somewhat the opposite of Second Sock Syndrome, where the enthusiasm for completing another sock fades the closer you get to finishing the first. If left unchecked, the second sock might not even be cast on, leaving the knitter wondering if they should make friends with more one-legged people.
Second Jumper Syndrome, on the other hand, is a less discussed beast. I know it’s hereditary because my mother has it. She’ll sit down with her knitting, check something on her laptop, and an hour later realise she’s spent all that time looking at yarn. Then she comments that jumper would be finished already if she wasn’t shopping for more yarn for the next one.

Brief aside for a moment, I call the garment worn over a shirt for warmth a ‘jumper’. This caused my American family quite a bit of confusion because they initially thought I was referring to a garment like a mini skirt.

For all it’s always a ‘sweater’ on Ravelry, my brain just defaults to jumper. I think I tried to use ‘sweater’ while writing when I first started which resulted in an even more confusing mess. You can take the girl out of the jumper, but not the jumper out of the girl, I suppose?

I finished the Vivid Blanket nearly two weeks ago. Or at least, the knitting aspect is finished. I’m still going with the blocking and assembly. It’s a lot less portable now, though, so it’s slower going. I love what I’ve made enough that I do want to get it done. It’s also definitely not blanket weather here in Scotland.

To fill the void, I’m working on the Star Wars Jumper. This is a pattern by Natalie Meredith, whose work I have admired for nearly half a decade at this point. I ran across the hand-knit jumpers she was selling on Etsy and loved the designs. At that point, she was not selling the patterns but has since written a few up which I’ve eagerly bought.

I’ve run into a few hiccups with this pattern. Most notably, I’ve had to rip back and do the colourwork all over again. It was the most stressful thing last Saturday, ripping it out and starting over again. But the actual knitting since then has been fun. So fun, in fact, that I’ve gone down with a terrible case of the Second Jumper Syndrome.

Knitting this jumper is fun. I should do more of this. What am I knitting next? I should plan that out instead of knitting this jumper!

I can’t understand it. It makes no logical sense. I enjoy knitting so I’m going to think about knitting instead of actually doing it? Brain, get a grip please.

But that’s what’s happening to me at the moment. I have about 5 jumpers planned out. And of course, for most of them I want to buy more yarn instead of using what I have in stash. Either the weight is wrong, or it’s destined for another project that I don’t quite want to do just yet. The perils of having so much choice.

So I’m off to actually knit a bit more on the jumper I’m actually working on. Please let me know if you’re also a victim of Second Jumper Syndrome? We can form a support group.

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