Christmas in June

This morning, I went off for a late breakfast with my friend and boyfriend. There’s a cafe down the road from where I live that does an excellent bacon and fried egg roll. After quickly demolishing my breakfast, I pulled out my Star Wars Jumper and finished the colourwork for the first sleeve.

If you can manage to remember where I was with the jumper in my last post, I would be impressed. I had to remind myself. May is not a kind month at my work. There are long days and stressful moments. This is not even a period of time where I have to be studying as well, thank heavens. Instead, I would come home in the evening and sit with my Star Wars Jumper. I wouldn’t have long to work on it, but row by row the body got completed.

When everything was more than I could handle, I switched back to my Cosy Memory Blanket. I picked out all the colours that I wanted to use for this next row of squares and took a photo so I could refer back to see what colour should come next.

Both of these projects are quite long term. I’ve had the jumper on the go since January mostly due to being disheartened by having to rip out some of the colourwork. Who even knows when the Cosy Memories Blanket will be finished. I’m only twenty two and I wonder if the blanket will outlive me!

The long term nature doesn’t bother me too much. Some things take a while and it’s nice to have some constants in life. But sometimes, you need an easy win. Or in this case, something to turn in for Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup. Because you signed up for that again. Oh dear.

Enter my favourite thing to knit. The Christmas Bauble.

Simple, straight-forward and knit in a single evening

Now, you’ll have to pardon me for a few things. The first would be that wall. The second is that lighting. The third, and probably the most important, is for bring up Christmas in June.

I love Christmas but I’m a strong believer in Christmas should remain a December thing. However, due to the timing of my exams this year, I’m going to have a completely terrible half of December. The second half should be alright, but I’m likely to be exhausted from the first half and not a little bit distracted by wondering if I’ve passed. I need a little head start on making the second half fun. New Christmas baubles to hang up on the tree isn’t a bad start.

They only take a night to knit up and can use up old sock yarn like the Cosy Memory blanket so you don’t even need to buy more yarn. I don’t stuff my baubles, and instead buy ordinary Christmas baubles and knit them an extraordinary jumper.

At some point, I plan to share the charts of the baubles I’ve knit. They’re nothing too special, but there’s a few little things I’ve worked out by knitting a fair few of them. That’s for the future though as writing them down in a semi-coherent fashion is well beyond me, as you might have noticed.

Up until knitting the Christmas bauble, I had only finished one project in 2019 which was a pair of socks back in January. Now I have three finished projects after knitting two new baubles. It’s a bit pitiful, but I have nearly the 2,000 yards of my Vivid Blanket finished but awaiting me having some time to seam it up. If I can manage that, and get the Star Wars jumper’s sleeves finished, I may be able to keep considering myself a knitter!

With that motivation, back to sleeve island I go.

2 thoughts on “Christmas in June”

  1. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll try a Christmas bauble or two. I have that Arne and Carlos book. Yours is GREAT and it is fun to think about Christmas. We were watching the Masterpiece Theater Little Women and the Christmas parts are so heartwarming.


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