A long summer jaunt

To address the elephant in the room, oops it’s been three months? How? A common theme for me in this past year has been ‘where has the time gone?!?’ and lately has been no exception. But I’ve been to a few pretty places, have a little knitting to show off, and a tiny bit of news.

I’ve still be running around most of the country, but thankfully even Scotland has accepted that this year’s summer might involve a few sunny days. It was even gracious enough to allow a few sunny days when I could enjoy them.

River Tummel

I decided to celebrate the good weather with some lace. What began as a shawl has, however, grown sleeves. I then, of course, promptly put it down mid-sleeve. But, we should get back to that story another time since it deserves a happy ending rather than this mad affair.

It all started with a simple triangle shawl… and a good book

Not that anyone’s counting, of course, but that takes the total to three projects I’ve abandoned this year midway through to be finished at a later time. My Vivid Blanket sits halfway seamed together and my Star Wars jumper needs only some duplicate stitches. Honestly, I’m terrible.

There’s a reason for it. I’ve been trying to knit things that I want to. I’ve got a week at Christmas where I can tidy everything up, and finish this off. For now, I’ve got more stressful things in my life and I’ve finally worked out that knitting doesn’t have to be one more.

So when I got the urge to knit three pairs of socks in three weeks, I dropped everything. And when I had the urge to write down the pattern I was using for the socks? I went with it. Then I sent it over to be test knit.

Now, my first ever sock pattern will be released next weekend.

I’m so nervous about it all! It’s been crazy trying to make sure everything is ready. So stay tuned for more on socks over the coming days and weeks, and possibly a promotional code…

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