Pewter Heel Socks

Almost two years ago, I decided to knit my mum socks for Christmas. This wasn’t the first time I had knit her socks but she actually wore the socks I had knit her on a whim so I decided she deserved more. What started as a single pair of socks, ended up turning into three pairs under the Christmas tree and started me off on the path to the Pewter Heel Socks.

Pewter Heel Socks
I got really odd looks from the tourists and the Freshers as I stood in Holyrood Park with my shoes off as my boyfriend took photos of my feet.

There’s something addicting about toe-up socks with a heel flap and gusset. They’re like chocolate biscuits. I never end up eating just one. Mum ended up getting three pairs of socks that Christmas to the joking annoyance of my Dad (‘hey, where’s my socks?!?’).

The first pair of Pewter Heel Socks

The most recent toe up sock binge started with a bus ride. I needed to get to the other side of town for work which was roughly an hour away by bus. My current project at that time was a beautiful lace shawl / cardigan (it’s a long story) which wasn’t really the thing for a 7 am bus ride. So I ending up winding up some sock yarn and casting on blearily one morning.

It was around about where I would need to start gusset increases where I wondered what I was going to do with the heel. I knew I wanted to knit a heel flap and gusset construction but it never had worked out quite right for me so far.

The socks I knit for Mum? I had to knit the heel three times to get the right foot measurement. The heel flap, as well, looked kinda squished down on the first pair so for the second I had increased more only to realise that (duh!) that made for a baggy foot and I needed to re-knit the gusset.

There were other niggles too. Just little ones, but enough that I hesitated right before starting the gusset increases. I knew what I wanted; I wanted a top down heel flap and gusset. I just didn’t want to knit it that way.

I had plenty of time to think about it on those long bus rides. I was listening to the Mistborn book series by Brandon Sanderson as I sat there knitting. It’s fantasy, and I would highly recommend it. It kept me going as I knit heel after heel trying to get what I was looking for.

The name for the socks, Pewter Heel’ unsurprisingly comes from the books. Pewter is a blue / grey alloy metal which in the Mistborn series grants the main character extra physical strength. She can hit harder, run faster, and withstand longer. While I’d rather my socks didn’t hit anyone or run away, strength is what I’m looking for in a heel so it seemed rather apt when I came to naming.

In the days since the pattern came out, I’ve been rather amazed. This is my hobby, and something I enjoy doing. Writing patterns is just an extension of that. It’s a way to spend a little longer thinking of knitting. The nice comments and the pms have been unexpected but very welcome. Thank you to those that commented; you really made my week.

I’ve got two more pairs of Pewter Heels on my needles (taking my total up to five pairs) so I should be kept plenty busy this weekend!

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