A pile of potential projects

Yesterday, I found out I passed my exams. Two of the hardest exams I’ve ever sat are finished. It feels incredible. I start on the next two, equally hard exams next week. I was so convinced I had failed that I completely forgot about that little fact. It’s going to be back to studying for me. However, while Saturdays are going back to spending time with my calculator, crafting must go on! And I’ve planned quite a year.

I’ve gone for a different approach for 2020. I bought any yarn I thought I’d want for the year ahead in December, along with some cross stitch projects. In early January, I added some sewing projects to the pile as well. The hope is that the added variety and proximity of my projects will make it easier for me to pick them up. With the long days ahead, anything to make it easier is worth it for me.

2020’s crafting supplies

Included in there is yarn for five jumpers, a cowl, a blanket and a tea pot cozy. There’s also two jumpers which are in progress from last year (oops!) along with a cross stitch bookmark and a Harry Potter inspired cross stitch design. The fabric will be to make four ‘Lion King’ bags. I think I may end up being a bit ridiculous and buying another fat quarter set of Harry Potter fabrics and doing some bags with that too.

Will I get that all finished this year? Let’s be honest, probably not, judging by last year. Two years ago, I might have gotten this all finished before April. This year, I’m just not going to worry. What matters is being able to relax and enjoy my time when I’m able.

I was quite surprised in December when I decided to add Cross Stitch to the pile. I used to do it as a child and really loved it. There’s scattered memories from my childhood of doing simple ones where the colours were printed on the fabric and it was more like colouring in than anything else. Over the years, I’ve thought about doing it again but was a bit too focused on my knitting.

It took the amazing Harry Potter designs of Country Magic Stitch to get me to take the plunge. Suddenly, I was watching videos on cross stitch and looking at all the tutorials I could find. I knew that jumping in to a full coverage, many coloured design like the Harry Potter ones would be a recipe for disaster.

The bookmark is a pattern by TextileHeritage, an organisation located in East Kilbride, near Glasgow (and actually surprisingly close to where I now live). I used to see them in museum and art gallery gift shops when I was a child. I spent an awful lot of time as a child in art galleries so there’s a wonderful sense of nostalgia. It’s been an absolute saviour this week as I’ve stressed about exams. Say what you want, but stabbing something repeatedly is a real stress buster!

Over the next year, I hope to talk about each of these projects more. I’ll still pop in a list for the moment.

  • Tea Cozy (self designed)
  • Stockbridge by Ysolda
  • Sock Arms by Stephanie Lotven
  • Somewhere in Lothian (self designed)
  • Harry Potter Christmas Jumper (self designed)
  • Hourglass throw by Anne Hanson
  • Cowl (self designed)
  • Welcome to Hogwarts by Country Magic Stitch
  • Celtic Jewel Bookmark by Textile Heritage
  • Lion King project bags

Well, I think that’ll keep me busy for a while!

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