Spring of my heart

With typically bad timing, the Scottish weather has changed. There is now the chance of sunshine, though it’s important to note that even the optimistic weather forecast believes the chance to be low. In the moments when sunshine streams through my windows, I tend to seize the moment and climb out in to the garden and bask in it like a cat.

The sunshine doesn’t usually last for long enough to justify bringing out my knitting, but sometimes I like to anyway. I’ll sit in the garden with two jumpers and a woolly hat on, enjoying the feeling of spring.

Springtime in Scotland – flowers blooming against a grey sky

My family down south have been sharing the beautiful blue sky over video calls. It feels like Scotland is the sole holdout in a world otherwise embracing the green of new grass and blue of clear skies. Spring feels tentative, rather than brash. It knows winter is over but doesn’t know what type of Spring it will be. Regardless, I’m embracing it.

After finishing my winter jumper, I’ve cast on for Spring in bright greens. I’m knitting the Sock Arms jumper by TellybeanKnits using KnitPicks Stroll Tonal and Felici yarns. With the long Easter weekend, I’ve had plenty of time to get a good ways into the body.

The Stroll Tonal is a lovely yarn, but the variation can result in pooling. I’ve ended up alternating skeins using the helical stripes method. It’s working well to mitigate the effect and I like how the invisibly the helical stripes hide the change. It bothers me to have yarn carried up the inside, for some ridiculous reason, which this method avoids.

Stroll Tonal in the garden – an explosion of green

Knitting it from the bottom up seamlessly is a different experience than usual. I’ve knit a few jumpers like this, but I tend to gravitate towards top down for the ease of trying it on. The pattern is well-written so far and I have confidence in it, so it hasn’t concerned me too much.

As I’ve been knitting, I’ve been listening, completely enraptured, to the audio book of the Secret Commonwealth by Phillip Pullman, the second in the Book of Dust series. I can’t believe that I waited to read this. I can’t praise it highly enough without giving away anything. My poor boyfriend, who loved the His Dark Material series but has been slow to read the Book of Dust, has banned any spoilers. As a result, I’ve been left to make noises of shock / happiness / despair to myself. In turn, I’m forcing him to read them next, as this is not a stable state of affairs.

The lockdown has not been kind to any of us, but sometimes I feel it has let me create a bubble around myself. There is struggles outside of that bubble, fear and worry and sadness. But inside, there can be books, baking and knitting. I feel so lucky to be able to enjoy the good side of life, providing a balance to bad. I know that spring does not mean the end to this situation and neither will summer, as much as I wish it would. Instead, I find it makes everything more tolerable. I’m staying inside, but it isn’t driving me mad.

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