Batwoman Bag

I like planning out what I’m about to do before I start.

It makes me feel like a car mechanic, laying out the tools by the side of the car, thinking about what I’ll need where and making sure everything is accessible. In cooking videos, it’s become a thing too – everything pre-measured in little glass bowls just ready to be tipped in. It’s something I do for work, for cooking (without the glass bowls – too much washing up) and even for sewing.

I’ve never really organised and planned my tools for knitting before. It’s probably related to the fact I started knitting when I was a very disorganized child. Knitting has never felt like it requires much preparation. I need yarn, needles, a pattern and a swatch to start. The rest of the process, the actual knitting, takes up months and that’s just enough time to track down where my scissors are to snip the final ends.

The pandemic means I’m not even bringing my knitting anywhere. My projects are still in bags, but that’s mostly to keep them contained. The bags I use are small for a sweater sized project – deliberately so it’s easy to toss them in my main bag for knitting on the train. Thank goodness wool squishes down!

The Batwoman Bag (also featuring Wonder Woman and Supergirl)

The Batwoman Bag deviates from that philosophy. It has room for the project, all of the yarn, two sets of needle cases, the pattern, a notebook and yet still more space. I should have called it the Mary Poppins bag but I’m having too much fun with DC Comics lately and it’s spilling into my fabric choices. The Bat-family also are very into preparedness I suppose so I think it fits.

It’s not overkill to have both DPN and interchangeable needle sets in one bag right?

The bag was made with a set of four fat quarters plus one further fat quarter of scrap fabric, heavy interfacing and cotton batting.

I used up every bit of the four main fat quarters. I chopped two inches off the top of all four fat quarters (resulting in four 16″ x 22″ rectangles) then followed this tutorial on YouTube. The 2″ x 22″ rectangles were interfaced and used for the handles. I added two pockets to the lining fabric for the needle sets. The resulting bag is around 12″ high by 14″ wide by 6″ deep.

It’s exciting using it this morning. I’ve got a new project just beginning as I finished my Christmas Weasley Jumper last evening. I’ll share photos when it’s blocked but considering I’ll next need it in around 10 months, I’m not really hurrying.

The new project is Vinterfjell by Skeindeer Knits in a dark grey with maroon and white as the contrast colours. It’s just clicked for me that those are the colours of my secondary school (where I went from age 11 to 18 years old). The colours aren’t my usual choices so it’ll be a shift for my wardrobe but one that should hopefully fit in with my typical blues, teals and cream tendencies.

But I’m not done planning yet. I’d like to sew a zip around notions pouch similar to the one Erica Arndt shows in this YouTube tutorial. It seems slightly over the top (I do find the scissors eventually!) but I like the idea of having my stitch markers neatly in one place instead of in four tins scattered around the house.

I’ve got the fabric and the ideas sketched out. But I lack the urgency to sit down to it right away. It’s one of the good things I’ve taken from Lockdown – there’s usually time. I’ll wait for a moment when I enacting my plans will bring me joy.

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