Vinterfjell and Fruit Scones

We had sunshine this morning. I went outside with my knitting and a cup of tea to enjoy it. It’s still early enough in the year, especially as far north as I am, that to be even remotely comfortable I needed two jumpers and a constant supply of hot drinks. Even still, it felt like an important milestone to celebrate.

I love the mornings spent outside with my knitting. I’m currently working on the Vinterfjell Jumper by Skeindeer. I powered through the yoke exactly as written, then hit the section on waist shaping and made a little bit of a mess. I’m now back on track, slowly but steadily heading for the ribbing at the bottom of the body.

Vinterfjell in the House – too cold outside to get a proper photo

The day looked absolutely perfect with no clouds in the sky for most of the morning. Then, of course, just as it started to warm up just a bit the clouds covered the sky. It did give me an idea – I went inside and baked fruit scones from the National Trust Cookbook. Days like today would be perfect for a wander around a National Trust garden where you can pop into the tearoom when it starts to get chilly and warm up with a pot of tea and a scone.

Sunny but chilly

It’s the Easter Weekend here which is a prime time typically to head out to a National Trust site for an Easter Egg hunt. That’s not happening that this year, of course but it’s nice to have part of the normality back even if it’s just by making due with my own baking. I don’t think we’ll be going all in for an Easter Egg hunt this year even just in the garden – I have too many fears about the squirrels eating our chocolate yet again. Chocolate Easter Eggs will remain inside where they can’t harm any unsuspecting animal that decides to be a bit nosy!

I’m excited regardless of the clouds starting to come in. This morning felt like the start of warmer months where sitting outside with my knitting is part of my day. At some point, in June it’ll be my birthday. I have all sorts of plans for what I’d like to be able to do, but one that feels almost realistic is a full picnic outside in the sunshine. The core elements I’m dreaming of at the moment are macroons, fresh scones and bite-sized lemon squares. Of course, sandwiches would be required too – I’m thinking chicken pesto as that’s what my favourite afternoon tea place serves.

Fruit Scones

It’s fun to dream about summer as a time of lazy sunny days with plenty of good food. It’s the joy of the first sunny days.

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