Beginning Dissolved

I sat in a coffee shop today. It’s been over four months since I’ve been able to do that and it felt like the luxury it probably is. Where I am, restrictions are starting to ease in line with falling cases. In the context of the world where I know this isn’t the case universally, the return to this one part of normality was incredibly bittersweet.

Having finished Vinterfjell by Skeindeer last weekend, I brought my new knitting project with me. It’s a steeked cardigan loosely based off the Pixelated Pullover by Jennifer Beaumont. The yarn is Baa Ram Ewe Titus, the majority of which I picked up in Glasgow around four years ago. It feels strange how much the world has changed since then.

I’m quite happy with Vinterfjell in the end. The colours are fun and it’s comfy to wear. It sits quite high up on the neck especially in the back but that’s quite cosy even if I perhaps wouldn’t replicate the neckline on another jumper. It certainly needs a block before I wear it but it’s been threatening rain here so I’ve held off until I can put it outside on the line to dry.

The finished Vinterfjell – awaiting blocking

I enjoyed the project as a whole too. It’s a well written pattern with good detail given to how the yoke increases should be worked. The waist and hip increases are less detailed. It explains the process which should be followed and leaves the implementation much more up to the user.

I’m not against this in patterns, as I’ve followed instructions to the letter before and had the waist end up hitting the wrong part of my torso before which isn’t uncommon from what I’ve read. However, I wasn’t at my best when I worked out my approach and ended up with steeper hip increases than I had intended. It wears well, which is what matters in the end, and I’ve learnt something.

After the drop sleeve Weasley Jumper and then the Vinterfjell yoke, I wanted to try out SusieM’s contiguous set in sleeves. The Pixelated Pullover was perfect for this and I’ve wanted to knit one for awhile. Of course, in the four months since I made this plan back in January, what I wanted to knit next changed. Goodness, I can be a bit fickle!

Rather unusually for me, I was feeling more cardigan than jumper. Then my swatch came out ridiculous. To get the pattern’s gauge of 20 sts per 10 cm, the fabric was practically see through. I tried out the yarn with smaller needles and found I much preferred it at 24 sts per 10cm. That isn’t that surprising – the yarn is more fingering weight than a sport / light DK weight. I don’t even know what I was thinking in the first place!

I ended up so far from the original pattern, I’m actually quite amazed its working out so far. I’m calling it ‘Dissolved’ because it somewhat looks like the Powerpoint transition effect from the 2000’s which may or may not be what I was intending.

The back of the Disolved Cardigan

The nice part is that I’m still keeping with my theme for this year of using predominantly British yarn. Vinterfjell uses Jamieson’s of Shetland yarn which is turning into a favourite of mine. This new project is using Baa Ram Ewe Titus which includes alpaca. The colours are wonderful.

Lotherton (the electric blue) and White Rose (the white) were initially going to be a pair of Scottish flag mittens, which seemed only appropriate given I bought the yarn in Glasgow. I decided to buy an extra skein in January in Endevour (a dark blue) and use the yarn for a jumper instead. It’s nice to have it out of stash and being used!

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