Colour my city

June was absolutely beautiful.

It was a strange month – I sat exams in May and got results in July. June existed in a sunny limbo, free of consequences but still trapped by the future. Thankfully, yesterday’s results were positive. Normal life jolted back into existence, complete with quiet Saturday mornings with my knitting.

But everything has changed because I’ve discovered dying yarn.

Knitting away as the yarn cools

I’ve been watching the Bakery Bears for a number of years. The show has a segment called ‘my favourite colourways’ and it turns out it’s a wonderful gateway into dying yarn. It feels like I blinked and suddenly had a bunch of dyes, undyed skeins and YouTube recommendations filled with dye tutorials.

(The recommendations include a video entitled ‘so you want to be an indie dyer’ which gives an insider perspective on the difficulties. I promise I do not want to be an indy dyer, YouTube. I’ve grown up in the knitting world hearing all the stories – it’s hard work.)

I think my initial plan was just to try to dye up some purple yarn because I can never have enough purple yarn. Whatever the initial plan was, it quickly grew into a plan for a rainbow.

There’s seven types of jumper I like to knit so why not knit one of each in a different colour of hand dyed yarn to form a rainbow collection of jumpers. It’s going to be an eclectic rainbow but I’ve got room in my heart for that.

Scottish rainbows – heavy on the rain

Worried my first attempts would be dreadful, I decided to hold the sock weight yarn double with a solid commercial mohair for the first one to mute any pooling. I’m on to the second jumper now and I felt confident enough to leave the training wheels behind and let the yarn shine on its own.

I plan to make posts for each of the projects in turn, showing the yarn and what it becomes but we’ll have to see how that goes. The first jumper, in purple, is done. The second, in yellow, is on my lap as I type this. (I’m absolutely not doing this rainbow in order!)

Tresaco by Along Avec Anna

I’m still not sure where this journey will take me but I’ve been enjoying working with the yarn which is all I can really ask for.

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