Sunshine Sweater

It’s a rare Scottish day here where I’m sat out in garden but purposefully in the shade. For once, being in the garden isn’t about following the sunshine as that’s the one spot where it’s not too cold to sit and knit. Instead, it’s absolutely glorious. There’s not a cloud in the sky and the main sounds are the trees which are moving in the breeze.

It’s perfect weather in the shade to knit on my Kate in sunshine yellow yarn I hand dyed earlier this month. When the sun eventually finds my spot, I switch to sock projects.

Kate, in the shade

I know that my wider family would find it amusing that I’m calling 22 C (70 F) hot – but for us it is! It’s an excuse to get out the ice lollies, iced coffee and barbeques. It’s a rare treat.

Working with the hand dyed yarn has been fun – the pops of the darker orange are entertaining to me. I’m watching out for pooling (and alternating skeins to avoid it happening) but I’ve not noticed it yet. I can hardly imagine myself buying this colour from a yarn store (I’m more a blue / purple girl) but I’m loving it so far. After the purple hand dyed jumper I finished in June, this has been an interesting expansion of my horizons.

I’ve still got more normal projects on the go. The socks I’m currently working on a purple grey from Wool Kitchen that I bought at Edinburgh Yarn Festival a few years back. I’m knitting the Crunkled Socks by Kay Jones, which work beautifully with a gently variegating yarn. I’m pretty proud of the project bag too – I made it recently and it’s pleasantly summery.

Kay Jones’s Crunkled Socks

I’m glad to find a happy use of the yarn. EYF was both wonderful and terrible for picking up stray, single skeins of yarn. It’s perfect for socks, but for a while my focus has been on jumper quantities and the random stray skeins in my stash felt more burden than anything else. But in the suddenly hot weather, these single skeins knit into socks are bringing me such joy.

I decided to cast on a pair of self-stripping too in KnitPicks Felici from 2015. The sun has been waking me up at 6:30am so I’ve been sneaking outside for morning knitting on the socks which is making them progress rather quickly. The days of work might be stressful at the moment, but the knitting I’m fitting in while basking in the good weather is a positive.

Sat in my room is a growing pile of finished socks from earlier this summer. I’ve knit three pairs – all toe up using my Pewter Heel pattern. With the ones I’m working on at present, it’s enough that it’s made a significant dent in my sock yarn stash built up from years of EYF.

What I want from stash going forward is something I’m still working on. I don’t tend to knit more than six pairs of socks in any given year – maybe that’s the level I should keep it at? I’d quite like half to be self-stripping as I love knitting with it and I wear self-stripping socks often.

I find myself missing EYF and having an opportunity to pick out several fun skeins at once. There’s other yarn festivals here, but my hesitance about going makes me wonder if I actually would go back to EYF. I want to find exciting sock yarns from local dyers but I’m not sure I want the whole experience of a yarn festival. Perth Festival of Yarn is online this year so maybe that’s the answer.

For now, I’m going to enjoy the yarn I have, the sunshine and some freedom to enjoy the former two things.

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