September Socks: a game

I really need an escape right now. I shan’t moan but that’s my mental state at the moment. I’d take an actual escape (preferably to the Caribbean isle of St Marie from the TV show ‘Death in Paradise’) but I’m drawn to a different, more autumnal, fictional world for this escape. So, on the 1st September I’m off to Hogwarts for a special game of September Socks.

The concept is pretty simple. We’re in our first term at Hogwarts. The very first hectic days are over – Sorting is completed, timetables handed out and lessons begun. But it’s all a little much (the crowded corridors, moving staircases, talking portraits) and we escape down to the yew tree by the lake. Our wand beside us, we sit by the water watching the mermaids swim below the waves.

Wand, Lake, Mermaid – three skeins of yarn

There’s three core subjects to tackle – Transfiguration (a textured sock); Charms (a lace sock); and Herbology (a cabled sock). This weekend, Professor Sprout hasn’t assigned Herbology homework but there’s two Transfiguration tasks and a Charms assignment too.

  1. Spark Socks (Wand)- Transfiguration
  2. Firth Socks (Lake) – Charms
  3. Mermaid Socks – Transfiguration

I’m doing this all for me – it’s completely ridiculous but exactly what I need right now. But, if anyone wants the patterns I’ll make them available on the 1st of each month as I start the pair. But the aim is for a relaxed, fantastical game which is an excuse to knit another three pairs of socks.

Each sock is worth five points so a pair will be worth ten points. I’m also adding in Potions (dying yarn) with each dyed skein used in the challenge is worth another five points. To complete the challenge, I’m setting a rather reasonable 30 points as the requirement.

The socks as written are all toe up, as that’s how I like to knit my socks. There’s three heels (two traditional gusset with different turns and a short row heel) along with three different toes. As the setting is a school, it seems like a good moment to throw in some new things.

While undoubtedly bizarre from the outside, I’m really looking forward to this.

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