I’m coming to you from my favourite chair, curled up with a blanket and a hot water bottle. It’s getting late here and we’ve closed the shutters against the chill. It’s the perfect blanket knitting weather or perhaps a thick cabled jumper and I’ve got both to pick between.

Last weekend, we took advantage of being able to travel and wandered back around Linlithgow Loch. With the historic Palace in our eyeline, we sat and enjoyed some loch-side knitting.

View of Linlithgow Palace from the loch

The whole spot feels other world-ly; the ruined palace reminds me of something out of Game of Thrones. It’s not quite perfect as a Hogwarts stand-in but for the purpose of my Sock Escape project, it was wonderful. We had both a beautiful loch, a stone castle (albeit, with a different vibe) with plenty of spots to enjoy the autumnal scenery. The dramatic hills of the Highlands can wait a little while longer.

My September pair of socks, the Spark Socks (photos in the post linked) were completed by the end of the month with whole minutes to spare. It would have been much less close to the deadline, but I forgot I hadn’t finished the final few rows of the cuff until the last moment. Quite typical of me, I’m afraid. I’ve yet to wash the socks and take final photos, but I’m pleased. The little bursts of texture on the socks catch the light and highlight the gold in the yarn.

The October socks are cast on and proving to be an enjoyable knit. While last month’s socks were textured, this month is all about the mock cables. The yarn is a blue, sections of which fade into a faint green and back. The larger cables were reminiscent to me of waves when I was planning the design, and the smaller cables almost seem like ropes.

Firth Socks – my October socks

The colour is reminiscent of Linlithgow Loch when I was there in March 2020, under chilly blue skies. The focus of that March 2020 trip, however, was Blackness Castle situated on the Firth of Forth. The wind and the waves of the Firth batter the Ship That Never Sailed (a nickname for the strangely shaped Castle) but it continues to withstand. ‘Firth’ fits these more nautical socks and that’s what I’ve been calling them.

Carrying on my parade of knitting I’m working on, I’ve started a new jumper for the autumn. The colour, I feel, can be best described as baked pumpkin pie. It’s in a DK weight I dyed up over the summer in an orange-brown colour with gold and black flecks. The pattern is for a drop shoulder jumper with cables which should make for a very seasonally appropriate jumper.

Pumpkin Pie Jumper

My other jumper in progress is the Kate jumper I last spoke about here. I’m part the way through the second sleeve but I am in no hurry to finish it off. It will be lovely and warm when done, perfect for bringing sunshine to a grey January morning. I’ve got a few jumpers in similar states of needing just a few days work to be fully completed and have mentally scheduled a week of Christmas holiday to be happily spent finishing these off ready for the new year.

There’s just one last project actively ongoing at present and it’s my Jelly Roll blanket using self-stripping scraps. I planned to use up most of my left over Knit Picks Felici which can be seen as the sections lying horizontal. But I also dyed up my first self striping yarn. As it was only 50g, I decided to test it out on my blanket. It works!

My hand-dyed self-stripping yarn in the Jelly Roll blanket

The fabric lying diagonal / vertical is knit using my own self-stripping yarn. The colour choice is not perfect as I was trying out new colours but it’s absolutely stripping and the width is nearly identical to the Knit Picks Felici. I have so many plans for what I’ll get up to in the future but where I am knitting-wise at present doesn’t feel so awful at all.

4 thoughts on “Lochside”

  1. I love your socks. Do you have a goal of a sock per month? I’m thinking about setting that as a goal in 2022. Generally it takes me 2 months to knit a pair of socks because I usually have a sweater going to the same time. But I have so much sock yarn that I really need to set a goal to knit more socks. I have many people that would like socks so it’s not like I’m worried about too many pair of socks. I just love autumn colored jumpers so your cabled jumper sounds wonderful.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m not usually so structured but I am trying for one pair a month til December. I’d be dreadful at it but I like working on collections and these all have a central ‘story’ linking them together which is helping me to keep going.

      Sweater plus socks on the needles is the ideal project mix! That variety is everything. Plus, like you say, people receiving socks so it’s bringing joy to more than just us. I hope you’ve got an autumn jumper in the works?

      Liked by 2 people

  2. This was a lovely visit with you and your projects. I can just about hear the wind across the loch from your photos of the castle. Beautiful colors in your projects and I particularly like the autumnal feel of your “pumpkin pie” sweater. Also very jealous of your planned Christmas holiday break – that sounds like the perfect way to close out the year.

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