I’ve got a rare week off and, typically, have come down with a cold almost immediately. It’s a bit of a blessing in disguise, being a wonderful excuse for remaining close to home with blankets, knitting and hot drinks. It’s been a bright November so far, with remarkably clear days but a certain bite to the air means I’m quite happy to enjoy it from inside while telling you about my newest knitting projects.

I’ve gone back to my pre-pandemic ways and have been enjoying sitting in coffee shops with a (vat of) coffee, some sort of treat and my knitting. It’s tended to be my orange-brown cabled jumper (‘Cinnamon’) which I’ve loved knitting on in these moments. It fitted the autumnal, cosy vibe I’ve been indulging in so much.

Cinnamon Jumper – drop sleeved, cabled jumper (top down)

While perhaps a damning indictment of how much time I’ve spent in coffee shops, the jumper is now completed save for the neckband and a final block. It makes for the fifth (!!!) jumper I’ve completed this year. Unsurprisingly, knitting more DK weight jumpers turns out to be quite a bit quicker than knitting fingering or lighter jumpers. The dark speckles and yellow and orange streaked through the yarn has proven hard to capture in photos but gives me joy in person.

My Kate jumper (yellow, in the photo below) remains stuck on the sleeves. It’s a lot easier to motivate myself to knit sleeves on DK weight jumpers it seems, but I’m making (slow) progress. Also shown below is my Trescao jumper (Ravelry link) in purple, which I’ve started to wear despite it not yet being properly blocked and photographed. It’s fluffy and beautiful and a joy to wear, which I tell myself is more important than it being photogenic.

Rainbow Jumpers – in progress

The yarn for the next in my rainbow jumper plans has been dyed and swatched. It’s a spruce green, but slightly faded. I kept the depth of shade on the low end initially so I could add a second layer, but loved the effect of just one layer too much to add a second. The result is something between a semi-solid and a tonal – there are tones in there but the variation is quite slight to my eyes. I’d be curious if other yarn lovers would classify it differently?

It’ll end up being an Aldous (Ravelry link) jumper, if all goes to plan when I cast on this afternoon. The yarn has a wonderful feel, being soft and plump while still maintaining a good stitch definition. I’m almost sad I’m not adding in a stitch pattern but I plan for this to be my main project over Christmas (last year, I went red and this year it’s green) and I’m craving something plain.

Spruce Yarn – DK weight 80/20 yarn; nil points for skein tidiness

I’ve got socks to tell you about, as my September sock projects heads towards the final weeks. My October ‘Firth Socks’ were fabulous fun to knit and the splashes of green in the yarn show up wonderfully in sunlight.

I’ve cast on my November socks in ‘Mermaid’, but stress was causing me tension issues, which I’ve not had issues with in quite a while. I plan to finish off the first sock this month to complete the challenge but the second sock might be something for the calmer month of January.

Firth Socks – toe up gusset heel with a galaxy toe

I’ve dyed up a few special sock skeins lately, one of which is a Christmas self-striping yarn. I’ve also got another purchased skein of Christmas speckled yarn which I’m excited to use. I’m sure I’ll be telling you about both over the next few weeks.

For now, I’m thankful for all that I’ve gotten to make and enjoy even during the busy few months I’ve just lived through. There’s been moments where it’s felt like time has stood still and challenges will never end. Each project is a milestone, capturing a moment in time. I’m grateful there’s some beauty to be found in them.

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