Goals (& Stash, always Stash)

Like many, I’m currently very full of cheese. My Mum, in her infinite wisdom, thought we might run short (ha!) and sent a us whole hamper for Christmas. Consequently, we’ve been very busy working our way through, with minor breaks for things like Christmas dinner.

Thankfully, this glut of lactose has not slowed down my knitting by too much. I’ve loved having the days free to knit to my heart’s content. I’ve got too many jumpers blocking around the house to do a final round up post quite yet, but I thought I’d think a little about knitting goals for 2022.

I will start (sorry!) by showing off my Christmas Socks. I finished these up on Christmas Day itself which I was very pleased about. Completing the ribbing in the dark forestry green as the light faded on Christmas day was a solid ending to a good day.

Self-Striping Christmas Socks

I’ve taken a different knitting path in 2021, with a solid focus of the year being on knitting with my own hand dyed yarn. The original plan was to knit four colourwork yoke jumpers – I managed just one before knitting four more hand dyed ‘Rainbow’ jumpers. The whole thing has left me a little bemused by the idea of creating plans, given how often I throw them out.

Thinking on it, I would like to keep that flexibility. I still want to keep using up my Stash but I’m at the point where, although I’m keeping a watchful eye on it to make sure it doesn’t go up, I can live with it staying at it’s current level. Amusingly, it’s the lace weight which requires the most consideration. It’s only 10 skeins and I love them, but I’m not in the mood to knit them at the moment. I keep telling myself that I shouldn’t let the numerical impact it has on my stash have so much weight. It’s worth it to be able to enjoying knitting with them when the moment is right.

Total Meterage26,891
Made up of:
Lace (m)11,108
Sock (m)11,304
DK (m)1,702
Worsted (m)2,777
Stash as at 1 January 2022

Knitting the right things for the moment, is likely going to be my objective. Whatever those things are, I’ve got a good stash to support it or can keep on dyeing up new things to cast on immediately.

Smaller goals are therefore, more about techniques and approaches than specific projects. How could I be a better, happier, more confident knitter at the end of the year? The four goals I’ve come up with are pretty simple.

  1. Use my best yarn
  2. Attend a class
  3. Build up my knitting-adjacent skills
  4. Helical Knitting

I’m a bit ashamed of the first one, but I’ve realised I’ve got yarn in my stash that I think is almost too good to knit with. I’ve got a skein of Hedgehog Fibres from my first ever yarn festival which I apparently love too much to knit it. (I’ve knit with other skeins of this yarn, it’s just this skein I’m sentimental about.) I got a bit of a shock in 2021, when I finally started using a knitting bag I similarly thought was too pretty to use and realised my tastes have changed since I bought it. I’m not sure I’ll work up to that Hedgehog Fibres yarn (it’s so blue and soft!), other ‘too beautiful’ to use skeins are now fair game!

When I say attend a class, I’m not sure how literal I’ll take it. I did a bit of Knitting University by the Bakery Bears in 2021, and completely crashed out. I did learn at least three new and very useful things regardless. I’d like to do that style of course where there’s a pattern everyone is working through and you get to see the designer’s methods for how she gets the results she wants. I don’t know if the chance for something more formal will arise, but I’ll consider it if it does. I’d like to keep learning new things and classes, unsurprisingly, really help.

By knitting adjacent skills, I mean things like creating charts and schematics, or taking good photographs. This is probably the hardest goal here for me. These are quite often my weak points, and I’m not sure about my mental state over the next year. But I’d like to have schematics and good photos for my knitting journal, and the results might be worth the work.

Finally, helical knitting. My nemesis. I can do one round stripes or alternate skeins in stocking stitch as part of knitting a garment, using this method. But add any more complexity than plain stocking stitch and it never works quite how I want it to. Especially with increases and garter patterning, I can do it but I know it’s not quite perfect. I know it’s feasible – I’ve just got to spend some time on it.

I’ll be reading everyone else’s goals for 2022, and thinking about if there’s a fifth goal I should add. I hope everyone’s holidays were what was needed and here’s hoping that the new year brings happiness.

One thought on “Goals (& Stash, always Stash)”

  1. Love your goals. I need to look into Helical knitting. I think I may like that better than Portuguese knitting I have on my goals. Love your goal about using your “good” yarn. I can see that in my future as well.

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