Cinnamon (Rainbow – Orange)

I suspect that if I lived in Victorian times, I might believe that there was dark magic in portrait photography. The disconnect between the ‘me in the photo’ and the ‘me that’s here’ still startles me.

I suspect that it’s something about the stillness; I don’t tend to be still for very long at all. I’m a person who tends to be in motion, at least with my hands. Give me something to write, to type or to knit. But when the knitting is done, a final step is to photograph the knit.

Cinnamon Jumper – Drop Shoulder in DK Weight Yarn

Photographing my jumpers is a step I keep stopping before reaching. As problems go, it’s hardly the end of the world especially if the garment is well loved and worn regardless. I think I’d rather it was worn, than photographed beautifully and never touched.

But I’ve got a pile of newly completed jumpers and cardigans that I’ve completed over the past year to slowly start to photograph and share. Many of them are loosely collected into a theme / collection and this is one of my ‘Rainbow Jumper’ collection.

When I started dyeing my own yarn using Acid Dyes back in May 2021, I started my collection of dyes with blue and purple dyes. The skeins I dyed became the first of the Rainbow Jumpers – a purple Raglan. From there, my collection of dyes and jumpers have grown, with four garments completed so far.

An unintentional side effect of wanting to be good enough at dyeing that I could dye a full rainbow, is that it’s really pushing my wardrobe in new directions. I wanted to have red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple all covered off. Without this prompt, I probably wouldn’t knit much at all in orange or yellow. I still wasn’t quite ready for something truly blazing orange (and I suspect I might not be alone, perhaps outside Stephen West groups).

I still ended up leaning more cinnamon coloured with highlights of orange and yellow, but it’s far more orange than I ever thought I’d get. I was inspired by Shifted (Ravelry), a pattern by Justyna Lorkowska. It feels to me like a minimalist, modern take on a Gansey Jumper. I did deviate from her pattern, as it’s for a bottom up drop shoulder sweater, whereas I like knitting mine top down. I also wanted my cables to be more textural. But the idea for this jumper was kickstarted by loving her design.

Drop sleeves are one of my favourites to wear at the moment. It was knit to be worn with 6 inches of ease for the shoulders to fit right. To prevent bunching around the arms, I knit the armsyce to just 1/2 inch longer than my actual measurements and the sleeves at the upper arm have very little ease. I also added a split hem which I like.

But it’s the neck which I was least certain of when knitting. I can’t remember what my rationale was, but I decided early on when calculating my pattern that I wanted a neck with width of 10 inches, which is rather wide. I think I had knit a lot of close fitting necks at that moment and wanted something different. I picked up at the end and knit a folded-over neck band.

I’m not sure about the neck in the photograph. But when wearing it? It sits comfortably, which is exactly what I want.

The stretchiness of the cables make the oversized jumper actually feel rather fitted, in a comfortable way. It doesn’t feel bulky or stiff, but instead nicely hugs my sides. It’s a rather wonderful side effect which I’ll have to remember.

I’m currently knitting in colours which are much more my comfort zone of blue, blue and yet more blue. But I’d love to hear about colours outside of comfort zones and how you make it work for you.

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