Watermelon Pi (the finished result)

I love local indie-dyed yarn. I love all yarn too, but there’s a special place in my heart for yarn dyed in the United Kingdom. I have had such good experiences with it. The quality, the ingenuity, and the price has made it incredibly attractive for me. I love buying it as I get to support local businesses and they often include personal touches that I adore. (Personal messages from the dyers are the best! How do they have time for that?) However, it can be hard to break into that perfect skein.

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Stash Dash & the Beginning of Summer

Hello? It has been a little while! How have you been? I have been finishing off the last of university. I speak to you now as someone who is no longer a student. I can not quite use the a-word just yet (**adult**, the word makes me shiver). I have one last long summer until I start work which I plan to travel and knit and generally have a great time. (The amazingness almost makes up for the existential terror.)

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Needle-lessly Troublesome Gauge

The day after I wrote the last post, two things occurred. The weather got infinitely better and I measured my swatch for Bonny by tincanknits. My gauge was so badly off, I needed to go out into the sunshine and forget about it.

It is a favourite trick of mine to work out the measurements of the garment should I knit it at that gauge. I discovered this trick when chatting to my mother about a swatch she had just knit.

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In which a swatch is born

I suffered a betrayal yesterday. I called my mother to ask for knitting advice and she told me to swatch. I know, how horrifying?


There’s a good chance you just read the previous sentences and agreed with her, and in that case you are a traitor too. It is wonderful advice, but it does not solve the bigger problem that I want to be knitting something right now instead of waiting for my swatch to dry. Waiting for my swatch to dry is giving me time to think, and worse plan the garment I am about to cast on. It is simply dreadful.

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