Accidentally Local

I’ve gotten about as far as the living room so far today. The shutters are still closed over the windows to try to keep in the heat. Later, I’ll put on a thick jumper and open the windows to air the house. But for now I’m curling up on the sofa under a pile of blankets and thinking twisty thoughts about British yarn.

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My1l and My1r

Recently, I released a sock pattern, Pewter Heel Sock, which uses a number of different increases. There’s the usual m1 (‘make one’) increase in both left and right leaning forms, kfb (‘knit front and back’) and pfb (‘purl front and back’). However, I’ve also snuck in a lesser known my1 (‘make yarn-over one’) in there too. A stretchier sibling of the m1, I think definitely deserves some more love…

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Christmas in June

This morning, I went off for a late breakfast with my friend and boyfriend. There’s a cafe down the road from where I live that does an excellent bacon and fried egg roll. After quickly demolishing my breakfast, I pulled out my Star Wars Jumper and finished the colourwork for the first sleeve.

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