In which a swatch is born

I suffered a betrayal yesterday. I called my mother to ask for knitting advice and she told me to swatch. I know, how horrifying?


There’s a good chance you just read the previous sentences and agreed with her, and in that case you are a traitor too. It is wonderful advice, but it does not solve the bigger problem that I want to be knitting something right now instead of waiting for my swatch to dry. Waiting for my swatch to dry is giving me time to think, and worse plan the garment I am about to cast on. It is simply dreadful.

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3 years on, a year off

I moved to Scotland in 2014, when the country was days away from voting in the Independence Referendum. The weather was being stereotypically Scottish in the mix of misty, grey and drizzle-y. The Scottish would call the weather a bit ‘dreich’, but at that point I hadn’t even heard of the word. I was wandering around bemused by how to pronounce ‘Buccleuch’ and ‘Cockburn’, two streets in Edinburgh that are essential to any student trying to meet up with anyone. My pronunciation made a resident of the city nearly cry. Oops?

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Birthday Cake Hat

Let’s step away from the actual work for a moment here. Put it down on the ground and slide it away. Everything is going to be fine.

For me, the past month has been a bit confusing with striking lecturers and snow days. There’s been good days but I’ve been meandering along trying to keep up with changing deadlines. As of yesterday, work has been submitted and I’m free to think of knitting! Come join me?

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