I have designed a few patterns, armed only with a love of knitting and a mathematics degree. These are labours of love; a way to spend more time with my hobby. I hope you get some joy out of these too!

Birthday Cake Hat (on Ravelry) free


A fingering weight slouchy brioche hat. Ideal for beginners to brioche. It starts with a regular 1×1 twisted rib brim so it is easier to see what is going on when you switch into brioche (and it keeps it snug around your ears). You have plenty of time to get into the rhythm of brioche knitting before the decreases. Pop a pompom on top and you have a squishy warm hat perfect for the snow days (and other days!)

June Pi Shawl free


A plain circular blanket or shawl for any weight of yarn. Inspired by Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitters Almanac ‘recipe’ for a ‘pi shawl’ but adapted to suit my own peculiarities. There are many circular shawl patterns out there but this one is deliberately left completely plain so the knitter can add to it as they wish. Knit it in stockinette like I did, or add lace or stitch patterns to spice it up. It can be made as large as a blanket or as small as a doily.

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